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Dave Tate

His own unique style (think of a cross between Paul Simon and Jeff Buckley, not just in style but also in quality) hits such a level of perfection that it’s hard to comprehend anything more beautiful….I have come to know long before now, as Nick Drake was discovered to be, that Tate is one of the most unique singer-songwriters ever.
— Heaven Magazine, The Netherlands

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Many Miles - Band Music

by Dave Tate and Many Miles

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As far as I’m concerned Tate is the best singer/songwriter around at the moment.
— Folk Forum

Dave Tate 


Critically acclaimed artist Dave Tate’s soulful style combines pure, powerful vocals with dynamic, rhythmic acoustic guitar and poetic lyricism to present a unique combination of strength and intimacy. A native of the red rock desert of Zion National Park, Tate’s music is inspired by the vast spacious beauty of his homeland.


Tate's sometimes intimate, sometimes soaring sound is similar to Dave Matthews, Paul Simon and Jeff Buckley. Lyrics rooted in themes of self-discovery and a deep love for nature are a signature of Tate's music. His graceful yet intense style combines pure, intimate vocals with dynamic acoustic guitar tones.

Since his debut of The Solitude of Here in 2006, Tate has released seven albums. Tate's artistic progression and critical acclaim has continued to rise as he's craft takes new clarity and definition.

This is by far the most grabbing male folk album to come through our doors in months.
— Derek Sivers (Founder CDBaby)

"The Solitude of Here is an album of such exquisite quality that you are immediately enthralled by it. An album which is always close to your sound system so you can play it daily...
This masterpiece is worthy of a place in the singer/songwriter Hall of Fame. Breathtakingly beautiful. A true listening experience." - Folk Forum


In 2007 Tate met Swedish singer-songwriter Victoria Lagerström, who came to the US from Stockholm, Sweden to write and record The Same Heart with Tate. The couple soon fell in love and, three weeks after her arrival, were married among the red rock cliffs of Zion. Lagerström never used her return ticket to Sweden. Tate and Lagerström now perform frequently as a duo, trio or with their soulful, funky indie-pop band Many Miles.



Tate has performed at numerous venues and music festivals across the US, and in Europe. When he is not on the road, writing, producing, recording and mixing his albums, he can be found exploring the vast horizons of the American west, often in his own backyard of Zion Canyon. 

It is an album of contradiction and clarity,
 of simplicity and great depth...Tate’s talent is bigger than our ability to label it.
— The Independent

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